There are some people who hear about Screen Free Week and can't wait to turn off the computers and any other electronic devices in their homes for a week. However, most people wouldn't be able to go a whole hour without staring at some sort of screen, let alone a whole week.

That's just how dependent we've become on electronics. Just imagine if somebody asked you to go a whole day without using any type of electronic device. You wouldn't be able to do it, would you? Look around your home, your car and your office. How many gadgets do you see? There's probably a computer, MP3 player, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, Bluetooth headset, tablet, television set, cell phone, video game system, or PVR around; most likely though there's a combination of all of the above.

Most homes today have a TV in every room and pretty much everybody nowadays owns a cell phone. We live in a world that has become dependent on technology to get us through the day. Our cell phones not only let us stay in constant touch with those close to us by either calling or texting them when needed but they also allow us to surf the web and send e-mails instantly. Not to mention the influx of smartphones that have hit the market that do all the above mentioned tasks any cell phone can do plus much more such as play games, write scripts or video chat.

Most people need electronics to get them through the day, even when they're not using them. Cell phones give us the ability to keep in touch with people when we're on the go and PVRs record our favorite shows for us when we're too busy doing something in the real world such as work or go out for dinner. Those are just a couple of examples of the uses of electronics that we didn't have access to back in the day.

Even those trying to persuade us to turn off our electronics would have to admit that they've improved our lives vastly. The days of waiting to receive faxes are no longer here. E-mails have replaced that. Going years without seeing relatives across the country are over as we can now video chat with them instantly over our smartphones, tablets and computers.

Then there are all these apps that have been invented that we can download onto our tablets or smartphones that provide us with necessary and useful tools to keep us going through the day. Calculators, fantasy football team trackers, fitness tips and banking apps are a few examples of apps we can download that have made our everyday lives that much easier to manage.

The crazy thing is that all these electronics we have in our lives today will become obsolete at some point as newer versions come out to replace them. Just look at the first iPhone. Who uses one of those anymore?

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