Most people, when they think of home monitoring systems, think only of basic security systems where wire contacts embedded in the doors and windows of their real estate sound the alarm if they're opened while the system is armed. However, modern home monitoring systems are much more sophisticated than that. They have multi-tiered alarm and warning systems to keep your home and family safe from almost every conceivable danger.


Most home monitoring systems still make use of door and window alarms, but these systems can be adapted for condos or updated to include the latest in security technology, such as passcode or passkey entry, motion sensors, and even biometric security if the homeowner is willing to pay for it. Triggering the security alarm will send armed guards to the property who often have a quicker response time than the city police.


Modern home monitoring systems can also include fire detection and suppression. If you're not home when a fire breaks out, your property could be gone by the time the fire department arrives. Your smoke alarms can therefore be tied into your security system, and if smoke is detected the fire department can automatically be dispatched. Ask the fire restoration experts at CRCS DKI about what damage a fire in your home can do and why a smoke alarm is essential for your safety. For an additional fee, sprinklers or fire foam dispensers can also be installed in the home to be activated by the smoke alarms. If you would sleep better at night knowing your home and family are well protected from theft, intruders or fire, be sure to look for home listings on agents websites.

Carbon Monoxide

You have probably heard about carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer because it is colorless and odorless. Carbon Monoxide, or CO, can come from car exhaust and malfunctioning furnaces, so alarms should be installed to detect it, especially in bedrooms. These alarms can be tied into your monitoring system so that the fire department is dispatched when CO is detected.


And finally, many modern home monitoring systems allow you to watch security or nanny cam feed from your home not just from inside the house but from anywhere via the wireless connection on your laptop or smart phone. You can even have the cameras incorporated into your house plans to that they're unobtrusive. For an extra fee, an employee from your security company will monitor your CCTV feeds for intruders.

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