One of the leading industries in terms of job growth is technology and that's especially true when it comes to information technology. IT jobs are in growing demand as the industry tries to keep up with all the new technologies released everyday. From creating software to testing out new car dealership products for a business before they're released onto the market or providing telephone support for technological problems there will always be a need for jobs in the technology industry.

One of the most popular job categories in the industry of technology is software. Jobs in software are easy to come by if you are experienced and qualified in the area of technology or feel like you can learn the ins and outs of software through training. Three of the major areas of software that people turn to when looking to get hired on in the field of software is software development, software testing and software support.

As a software developer you are tasked with developing and designing software, implementing software fixes, preparing test plans and designing documents, analyzing system problems, and addressing support inquiries. Basically, you're in charge of creating a software program from beginning till launch date and making sure it's ready for use, either by a public consumer or a private client.

A good software developer is nothing without its staff and one of the more important staff members is the software tester. As a software tester, be it testing data entry software for a company or a professional sports team, your responsibilities include testing software components, debugging and maintenance of various products, defect resolution, and the occasional code writing.

When it comes to a job in the field of software support you are either going to support the software developers and those tasked with creating the software to help them come up with solutions to technical problems or supporting customers with any problems they may encounter when using the software the company you work for created. For example, an accounting company might be using your software to run up the numbers on their sales figures and the software crashes during their number crunching, which would lead to you aiding in solving their problem.

Whatever job you have in the field of software is very important to the overall product and IT companies know that. So, if you're thinking of quitting your job for a software related job you will be counted on to be a contributing factor. We hope you're ready for that responsibility!

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