Our society is one where the newest and shiniest is king, so companies that even have very successful models will get left behind if they don't periodically update and improve their line of products and services. But any time something new is being developed is has to be tested before it can be released to the public. This means that some very lucky people have an unusual career - product tester. To learn more about what product testers do and how to become a product tester, read on.

As a product tester, your job would be to put a company's new product line through its paces to see if it is up to snuff. New gyms will have you testing its new gym wear and workout equipment both in the ways that it is designed to be used and in unusual or inappropriate ways so that the designers can understand the product's tolerances and the technical writers can warn against dangerous uses when they develop the user manual for the product. If the results of tests are very bad, the product may be scrapped entirely.

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Product testers often work for the company that is developing the product so that any problems the testers find can be corrected before the device is wide released to stay at home parents who may sue if the device is defective or causes damage or injury. Product testers work in every line of development, so as a product tester you might find yourself running in new shoes, playing a new video game, driving a new car, or cooking with new utensils, though testers tend to stay in their own area of expertise.

Product testers are also used by consumer groups and magazines to test the tolerances of newly released and about to be released products to see if they match up to both government standards and the company's own claims. In these types of product testing situations, testers will try out many different brands of product that do the same thing and then compare the results against one another scientifically for the benefit of consumers who are trying to choose between brands.

Becoming a product tester is something many product testers end up doing accidentally, as there are no product testing career paths in college or university. You might get into it by having a background in science and applying for an opening in a department of a company. Or you might become a tester by being an expert on products in the field (such as playing video games or cooking) and be invited by a company to help put their new products through their paces.

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