Everything in life can be boiled down to categories. Be it food, movies, tablets, tools, smartphones, mobile tracking devices, video games, cars, clothing, etc. You name a product and we can tell you what category it belongs in. The same thing goes for television shows. Whether you're a causal TV viewer or an avid one you probably know which categories your favorite television shows fall into.

Let's start off with the basic TV show categories, which are comedy, drama, reality, game shows, children's programming and news. If you were to turn on the TV in your home and pressed the guide button you would see that pretty much every show in the listings you are looking at will be able to fit into one of the basic show categories we just mentioned. Another thing about placing a show, whether it's a reality show about superheros or a workplace comedy about two best friends working at a pizza shop, is that a show doesn't have to be pigeonholed into only one category.

TV shows can be placed into multiple show categories if it can't be boxed into being labeled as only one certain type of show. Look at a revolutionary show such as Sex and the City. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it both? You can easily place Sex and the City into multiple show categories and no one would argue with you.

TV show categories don't end at just basic TV show categories though. Just like a lawyer in Hamilton or a fast food joint in Myrtle Beach who have specialized categories such as divorce attorney or hot dog stands, TV shows can be divided into even more detailed categories themselves. A few of those specialized TV show categories include talk shows, cooking shows, reality dating shows, reality celebrity shows, weight loss shows, reality wedding shows, reality real estate shows, children's animation, children's live-action, adult humor, adult cartoons, sitcoms, dramedies, network shows, cable shows, and cable access shows.

We could go on and on and on and just keep listing every type of TV show subcategory there is but we have a feeling you'd probably get pretty bored of us doing so and would start to look up basketball scores or hair removal prices. So, we'll keep the list from above where it is and let you use your imagination to place the shows you watch like Boardwalk Empire, which can be classifieds as a straight up drama, mobster show or period piece, into their own categories. It can be a lot of fun doing that and seeing which show you can place into the most categories possible!

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