Technology is defined as devices that are the product of human ingenuity and manufacturing processes. You might think that the lion's share of technology lives in university laboratories and company research and development departments, but you're wrong. Most technology can be found right here in our homes. You may not realize how much technology you've got in your home, but this article should help open your eyes to how much you are benefiting from advancements in science and technology.

Living Room

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your waking hours at home, and consequently it will feature your favourite pieces of technology, such as your television, DVD or Blu-Ray player, video game system, and stereo. A home is the logical place for these types of technology, as they were developed purely for entertainment purposes. There are also other devices in your living room that are technological in nature, including your remote control, digital photo frames, cable box, and even the light switches!


You may not realize this, but the average kitchen contains more technology than any other room in the house! Just think of the things you and your friends have in their kitchens. Convection ovens. Electric ranges. Plug-in kettles. Refrigerators. Microwaves. Toasters. Toaster ovens. Blenders. Electric mixers. Juicers. Waffle irons. Coffee makers. Probably even a television or radio as well. These devices were all designed for a specific purpose: to use technology to make food preparation quicker and easier.


Most people think of their offices first when doing a technological survey at home, because this is where they keep the powerful computers that they use as well as all their peripherals, such as printers, scanners, copiers, burners, external hard drives, iPods, e-book readers, tablets, modem, cellular phone docks, and more. The technology in this room makes it easier to do your work by allowing you to store, access, and manipulate files and documents, though these devices can also be used for entertainment as well.


The only natural tool is a rock, so anything more sophisticated than that falls under the category of technology. Most people have at least a few power tools in their home, such as a circular saw, power drill, or laser level. Add to that the fact that all cars, especially the newer ones that have computer control systems, count as technology, and there's quite a lot going on in your garage! Most of this technology falls under the category of tools, which make it easier for us to perform daily tasks like hanging picture frames or simply traveling from point A to point B.

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