When it comes to technology, if you're not working directly in the industry or passionate about it, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the newest concepts and devices out there. Most people are capable of using the basics when it comes to the Internet and software or spreadsheets that help them at work but not much else. If you're someone who wants to understand more about how you can connect to networks and the Internet at large then you might want to learn about tethering and bridging.

If you're trying to find a way to connect two different networks together then what you're looking for is a bridge. Bridging is mostly used for smaller networks and is an inexpensive option for most systems. If you're working at an office then you might use this to connect with a another office that has an space next door. The concept is that it will keep all of the information that is within your Local Area Connection on your network and will assume that the rest of the information is meant for the adjoining network.

Our friends at a local home inspection company have seen some very interesting cabling configurations in basements and attics in the course of their inspections. Because connecting two or more computers together used to require a physical cable between them, there are many homes with old and unused wires running hither and yon through closets, floor joists and stuffed behind the baseboards. Today's wireless capabilities make all of this mess unnecessary.

Tethering is something that many people might be able to take advantage of. If you're living in the country and the Internet connection goes down with a storm or you're somewhere with a computer and no access to the Internet then this is a way for you to get your device online. Many people have smartphones nowadays and those can sometimes be connected to a computer or other electronic device to connect to the Internet. This is what tethering is.

If you're thinking about connecting your phone in this way and using your data plan on your computer then there are a few different things that you will need to check out first. You need to start by seeing if your service provider allows for tethering and that your phone is capable of doing it. If you want to use this method while you're in your home or at a restaurant then you will need to either be able to connect the devices through a USB cord or Bluetooth.

Having the ability to do this could be really helpful if your in a place where you could not connect to the Internet otherwise. But, you should remember that it is not a great alternative to the standard Internet service that comes to homes. It will likely be slower and less reliable.

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